Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am withdrawing from the VP (Org) race - thanks to all who helped!!!



Several weeks ago, I put my name forward for election as Vice-President (Organization) of LPC(O). At the time, I wanted to ensure there was a strong candidate in the race, with a platform to reinvigorate the organizational aspects of the LPC(O).


Since that time, two additional candidates have put their name forward for the position.


One of these two, James Maloney, is a particularly strong candidate and exceptional Liberal. Over the course of several discussions, Jamie and I have discovered that our views and platforms are very similar. Given our common vision, we concluded that it made very little sense for both Jamie and I to run effectively the same campaign on the same platform.


Accordingly, after considerable thought and discussion with a number of my supporters and friends, I have decided to withdraw from the race for Vice President (Organization). I have significant other responsibilities as Deputy Chair of the Council of Presidents, and believe Jamie would be very effective in this role. He is a passionate lifetime Liberal who has contributed endless hours of work and effort to the Party. 

There are now only two candidates in the race for Vice-President (Organization), both of whom are good Liberals and either of who will have my full support on election. Of the two, I will be supporting Jamie Maloney. I have known Jamie for many years and am absolutely confident he will make a dedicated and competent Vice President – I support him fully, and I hope you will all do the same.


I would like to thank all of you who have helped me in my campaign to this point, particularly my friend and campaign manager Gary Gladstone. My core campaign group has been magnificent (thanks especially to Melanie Kozlow and Dan Fox)  – I look forward to working with you in campaigns to come! 


Finally, I look forward to continuing to work with each of you on the Council of Presidents and elsewhere.


With thanks and regards,

James Morton



Liberal Justice said...

Didn't Jason Cherniak just endorse you yesterday?

Kyle H. said...

I heard about your withdrawal last night from Jim Curran when he was at our delegate selection meeting - I wanted to express my support for you too!

Well, I hope you're still coming to Windsor, Mr. Morton. The LPCO needs people like you more than ever.

Backseat Blogger said...

didn't people tell you, james?

an endorsement from Jason Cherniak is the kiss of death to any campaign!

Libblogger said...

I'm supporting Jim Curran the what do I know grit.
I think he better represents the grassroots better than the old farts running the party currently into the ground.
If you want progressive change vote for Jim.

Anonymous said...

I think you were a quality candidate, though Cherniak's endorsement must have hurt a bit.

Reid said...

You must be an "Iggy" Liberal. You prefer your races for position uncontested.

James C Morton said...

Yup, I hear all of you -- and it was nice of Jason to endorse me -- bad timing though. As for being an Iggy Liberal -- well, I am a long time Iggy supporter -- but last time I ran a pretty hard campaign and won a narrow victory -- but whatever -- touche!

Anonymous said...

Well I think you would have made an excellent choice, even if Cherniak did endorsed you.

Anonymous said...

This says an awful lot about our Party.

Your withdrawal stinks of manipulation from the upper corridors of Liberaland.

Did you just wake up this morning and decide to withdraw, or did anyone suggest that you withdraw? Did anyone from the LPC(O) or the OLO speak to you about withdrawing or suggest that you withdraw?

Please answer honestly.

Appearances suggest that certain
elements of the Party brass are determined to keep the Liberal Party closed to all "outsiders" (those having not properly inherited their entitlements).

My concern is that to date, those currently holding power in Ottawa and Toronto simply have not earned the right to own every position in the Party.

This move to push Morton out of the race is just the latest in a series of dumb decisions that will no doubt perpetuate the decline of the Party in Ontario.

When you go to vote at the AGM, just think about whether those in power have done a good job over the past few years and whether you want another placeholder, instead of someone that actually wants to do something meaningful in the position.

James C Morton said...

Thanks for the support -- and other stuff -- it was a hard decision.