Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ignatieff open to coalition if necessary, nixes Liberal-NDP merger

This is a sensible position. After an election a coalition, formal or informal, is prudent -- the NDP could be a partner as could other parties or independents:

Joan Bryden
Published: June 6, 2010

OTTAWA - Michael Ignatieff says coalition governments are "perfectly legitimate" and he'd be prepared to lead one if that's the hand Canadian voters deal him in the next election.

But the Liberal leader says it would be disrespectful to voters and damaging to his party to try to strike any deals with the NDP before voters have spoken.

In an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press, Ignatieff dismissed talk of a merger or any sort of election non-compete agreement with the NDP as "absurd."

Pressure has been mounting on Ignatieff in recent weeks to embrace some sort of co-operative arrangement with the NDP, a notion fuelled by tepid poll numbers for the Liberals and the example of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government installed last month in Britain.


Anonymous said...

Why is the media nor the blogs pointing out that the Lib-Dems in the UK held coalition talks with the Conservatives AS WELL AS Labour?

Both options were on the table. You can't argue the legitimacy of the process based on the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray Canadians will ignore the Cons desperate attempt to make 'coalition' a dirty word. Iggy and Jack need to talk about it, explain it real simply, every day, to counter the Cons b.s. talking points.
Viva Coalition to end this awful parliament!

Anonymous said...

Iggy has proven to be even worse a leader than the inept Dion, what a joke.