Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In this century, bloggers are media!

There is an issue emerging about media access to the Liberal Biennial Convention in Ottawa.

Specifically, bloggers have been told that media accreditation is open to recognized news organizations. Freelance and social media representatives must be sponsored by a recognized news organization. Bloggers without association with major news organizations must pay for observer status, at a cost of $1100.

Legitimate bloggers should be given media accreditation for the convention. In this century, bloggers are a major part of the media universe. An open and transparent party should welcome blogger coverage.

My Chief Agent is communicating with the Party to see what can be done about this wrong-headed policy. A blogger with a minimum history and readership should be accredited as media. Major aggregators of Canadian political blogs, such as Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs, can be called upon to help in the screening process. We want to lever the talents of our Liberal members and supporters.

I will post any updates here.