Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cut federal funding to political parties? Ok, if the donation limits are removed

The news that the Conservatives want to cut the political party payments is hardly a surprise. It would emasculate the parties other than the Conservatives.

It's also a direct attack on freedom of speech.


Well, the (I say foolish) deal is that campaign donations will be limited to a very modest amount but that won't limit politics because the Federal Government will make up the shortfall. So yes, the freedom to organise and speak your mind through politics is limited but the limit is reasonable.

My view is that anyone should be able to contribute whatever they choose. Forget federal funding.

But if donations are limited and federal funding is cut off, then the freedom to organise and speak through politics is cut off too. And only the Conservatives benefit.

The savings are trifling -- and clearly politically based. End the subsidies, ok, but then lift the donation caps personal and corporate.

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Gary said...

Removal of the Federal subsidy to political parties is an excellent idea. There is no reason for the government to fund political parties. Those who support a party should pay the freight. But it also important to eliminate the possible purchase of a political party by wealthy individuals, corporations or unions. Keep the cap on political donations. That forces parties to deal with the real people who have to take their money from their pocket and give it to a party. The party then must reflect all its supporters more accurately. This is an essential protection of the democratic political fora that are a political party.I support the party I support with small regular donations that, with thousands of other similar donations, create the life blood of the party I support.

Anonymous said...

I guess the LPC should have tried to cultivate and appeal to their grassroots all these years instead of pandering to corporate players like Power Corp. Too bad, so sad.

Nope, leave the limits modest and let the average citizen support the party of their choice. It should not be the job of the taxpayer to support a party they don't side with.

Master stroke CPC and a donation from me is incoming.