Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trees as a weapon

Downtown Toronto trees are being removed ahead of the G20. So much for Green Toronto! Perhaps we should poison the birds too? After all, they might be used as a weapon -- those sparrows have nasty sharp beaks... .


ck said...

Surely you know about the hospitals turfing out patients?

My father is currently in a TO hospital; rushed to ER on Monday. He is and will continue to be in and out of ER, that's his reality these days.

Even if he's 'ok' enough, he may 'inconveniently' have another kind of episode requiring emergency care.

I'm worried about them turfing him back home to my mother who is already overwhelmed caring for him when he's doing 'ok'. I'm worried about how they'll manage during G20.

I'm also pretty mad that my father who has always paid his taxes which is supposed to cover the health care system and now when he needs it; he may not be able to access it.

Anonymous said...

Keep us up to date ck, that is just outrageous.

crf said...

What a crap government we have.

It's okay for the security people to suggest things like this. But it is the role of government to balance the security people's concerns against the entire picture.

Right now, we have security running roughshod over all other values, without consideration.

It's nuts.