Friday, February 11, 2011

John Tory praises McGuinty’s ‘courage’ on the HST

As a Liberal I have a bias but my instinct is that John Tory might have done well as PC Leader in the next provincial election. Certainly he is a moderate who seeks Socrates' Golden Mean.

The current PC Leader, well, I suppose cheap beer is worth something ... .
Toronto Star
Robert Benzie      
Queen's Park Bureau Chief     


Former Progressive Conservative leader John Tory has jolted the upcoming provincial election by hailing Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's "courage" in levying the 13 per cent Harmonized Sales Tax.

"I haven't won too many friends by saying, for example, that the HST, which many people love to hate, is nonetheless good economic and tax policy if we want to create jobs in the province of Ontario," Tory said Thursday.

"And you know what, it took some courage to do it," he said.

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Anonymous said...

It would have taken more courage to say you were going to raise taxes during the campaign instead of lying about it.

I would be interested in what Tory had to say about the hydro fiasco as well as the ehealth waste and employee health taxes.