Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Conservatives reject funding for Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Oh well...

Edmonton Journal

WINNIPEG -  A Tory MP says his government will not bail out the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which is facing delays and cost overruns.

MP Steven Fletcher, in Winnipeg on Tuesday for an unrelated announcement,
said the federal government has already invested $100 million in capital
costs and earmarked more than $20 million a year in annual operating funds
"in perpetuity."

"That's a significant investment, unprecedented outside the capital region," said Fletcher.

"The federal government has contributed everything it's going to


For the last several days, the federal Conservatives have avoided inquiries
about the museum board's turmoil, its construction cost overruns and its
delayed opening. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, the ranking minister from
Manitoba, deflected questions about the museum to Heritage Minister James
Moore, whose spokesman said the minister had no comment.

It was revealed last week that Winnipeg business heavyweight Arni Thorsteinson had resigned as chair of the museum's board. His departure takes effect Jan. 1 and it's not clear why he left or whether his departure is related to the museum's cash crunch.


Anonymous said...

They rejected additional funding. You can't really expect them to fund the entire thing, or fault them for not living up to your expectations.

Especially when they can't even fund the Canadian Air & Space Museum. Especially when that museum needs help staying open because its rent is too high. Especially when the property owner is just an arm of the Federal Government. Can't have anyone remembering the Avro Arrow in this time of F-35 boondoggles.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to raise funds if it is that important to you.

$100 million is not bagman money. The federal gov't has already been more than generous to date. THey deserve credit.