Monday, April 30, 2012


Since the money doesn't go to victims and is, in any event, seldom collected this is just another press release:

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson plans to change the Criminal Code in
order to make victim surcharges mandatory for all offenders.

"Our government is delivering on our promise to double the victim
surcharge and make it mandatory in every case, without exception,"
said Nicholson.

"This legislation will ensure that victim support services receive the
funding that they require and deserve."

Nicholson made the announcement April 24. If passed, the act would
double the victim surcharge that offenders must pay and automatically
apply it in all cases.

Under the proposed act, victim surcharges would amount to 30 per cent
of any fine imposed or $100 for summary convictions without a fine. It
would also impose a $200 surcharge for conviction on an indictable
offence without a fine.


Anonymous said...

Will the Victim Surcharge apply to people who are convicted of crimes under the Elections Canada Act?

James C Morton said...

Yes, it would

Anonymous said...

But the Elections Act contains not crimes, but mere administrative disputes. Dear Leader's spin doctors told me so!

James C Morton said...

Well, Dear and Fearless leader is always right so what do I know!!!

Anonymous said...

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