Monday, May 21, 2012

Environment Minister Peter Kent's office urged bureaucrats to blame media for recycling controversy

Now in fairness to Peter Kent, I suspect he himself had nothing much to do with this -- it was his office minions scrambling to find a cover story. But their power is merely a reflection of his. What was Lord Acton's phrase? Oh yes "Power tends to corrupt...".

OTTAWA — The office of Environment Minister Peter Kent responded to media coverage of his department's decision to spurn recycling and buy new furniture for a building under renovations by asking bureaucrats to publicly call the reports "false," newly released internal emails reveal.

The correspondence, released to Postmedia News through access-to-information legislation, shows that Kent, who has declined to publicly comment on the controversy since last July, was informed about the issue at Place Vincent Massey, a building in Gatineau, Que., near Ottawa, as bureaucrats from his department and Public Works and Government Services Canada worked to explain their decisions.

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