Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantino offshore banking documents fake

Frankly this always seemed a bit bogus to me -- see my earlier tweets -- while perhaps a divisive figure Julian Fantino is not corrupt and the idea he had hundreds of thousands of secret dollars offshore always seemed preposterous:

OTTAWA — Offshore bank statements in the name of Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino are not authentic and the conflict of interest commissioner has informed Fantino she is dropping her investigation.

The documents were provided to the ethics commissioner several weeks ago by Richard Lorello, the former Conservative candidate from Fantino's suburban Toronto riding of Vaughan. Lorello received them from an anonymous source after he publicly raised questions about financial matters involving the Conservative riding association there.

 Story here


Anonymous said...

Fantino is corrupt. And corrupt in the worst way. He is morally corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if the bank verified the authenticity of the documents, they wouldn't be a very good tax haven, now would they?

The Rat said...

I wonder if this isn't a symptom of the left losing it? We have the Toronto Star basically stalking the right wing mayor, leftist activists forging documents to trash a minister (and is this another US import after the faked memos that cost Mike Wallace his career?), protest groups receiving funding from US sugar-daddys, and a whole list of other illegal activities that the right side of the spectrum never considered using against the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

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Deborah Richards said...

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