Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greyhound killer believed man he beheaded was a space alien

This is about as clear a case of Not Criminally Responsible as one could imagine:


Vince Li, who beheaded a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus in Manitoba in 2008, said in a special interview that he believed he was chosen by God to save people from an alien attack. In an interview granted to Chris Summerville, CEO of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Li talks about his struggle with the voices that led to the fatal encounter with fellow bus passenger Tim McLean near Portage la Prairie, Man., on July 30, 2008. Li, who only later understood the voice as schizophrenia, was convinced he was leading the third story of the Bible and "that I was like the second coming of Jesus." In the interview with Summerville on Saturday, Li said he feels sorry for what he did and doubts he will ever know happiness again. Li was committed to Selkirk Mental Health Centre after being found not criminally responsible of McLean's death. His story was highlighted last week when a review board ruled he can leave the mental hospital for supervised excursions. CBC News has obtained a transcript of a portion of the interview by Summerville, who said he conducted it in hopes of giving the public a more complete picture of Li and his current mental state. The unjustified public fears about Li will probably keep him in a mental-health hospital longer than necessary, Summerville said. The horrific nature of Li's act has demonized him in the public's mind, said Summerville.

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Anonymous said...

It seems impossible that no one knew he was ill before he literally started eating a guy on the bus.

Who missed this?

If a drunk kills someone while driving there is usually someone else held partly responsible for serving the drunk. There is a requirement that everyone is aware of the possible consequences BEFORE serving people drinks.

Relying on the opinion of one expert seems inapropriate. Is this a case of fishing around until someone with credentials insists he is not a threat?