Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mayor Rob Ford chases and confronts Toronto Star reporter  

I suppose in fairness Mayor Ford might have been worried about his family -- but if so he should have called the police instead of acting himself. The end result is it looks like the Mayor was threatening a reporter on legitimate assignment. In any event, I hope someone goes and sees of the land in dispute is a public park or a vacant lot:


Anonymous said...

Your lack of research on this incident considering you are a lawyer is disturbing.

The police were called. You would have known that had you read any other account of the incident other than the one in the Toronto Star.

The Toronto Star has a long history with the mayor. They have fabricated stories about him, some are quite libelous.

You should know better.

Anonymous said...

If some are "quite libelous", the mayor would have sued.

Anonymous said...

That is a bit presumptuous to say that he would have sued. He still could.

You'd have to accuse other sources of getting the story wrong about the mayor assaulting a minor.

The youth in question denied the accusation made by the Star. It is tough to defend the Star's position but some idiots will still try.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I agree with Mr. Morton - If Ford saw someone on his property, he should have called police from inside his home and waited for them to look after the "intruder" - if that was in fact what he was. Good lesson on "bullying".

James C Morton said...