Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too many gone under the bridge

In summertime, the lazy McIntyre River, a tributary of Lake Superior, is a picturesque waterway that meanders through Thunder Bay’s George Burke Park. An easy canoe paddle will give you a view of white and black spruce, birch and poplar, and a host of northern Ontario wildflowers.

 However for 15-year-old Jethro Anderson; Curran Strang, 18; Reggie Bushie, 15; and Kyle Morrisseau, 17 — all First Nations high school students — the river was to be their final resting place. Three other First Nations students, Paul Panacheese, 17; Robyn Harper, 18; and 15-year-old Jordan Wabasse, were also First Nations students sent from their remote northern Ontario reserves to a high school in Thunder Bay. All (except Robyn Harper) were found dead in the waterways leading to Lake Superior.


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