Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I like the Marriott chain but this is wrong ...

I am a big fan of the Marriott chain of hotels.  They are clean, comfortable and modern.  But this story (link here) is troubling.  I understand a policy of splitting tips so that the folks, say, working the desk or in the back room get a share -- that's fair and right -- but to demand the tips be split with the owner is wrong.  If the owner needs more money, raise the prices. Tips are for the staff:

Hand over your tips or else, posh Muskoka hotel warns staff

A posh Marriott beach resort in Muskoka is threatening to fire spa staff who won’t fork over almost half their tips to the hotel — just as Premier Dalton McGuinty seeks a ban on “tipping out” to the boss.
The ultimatum, detailed in a letter obtained by the Star, will see spa customers at the Rosseau Muskoka near Port Carling charged a higher 20 per cent gratuity on their manicures, body wraps, massages and other treatments with 50 per cent of the tip going to staff who perfom the hands-on services.
But that’s less than the existing 18 per cent gratuity deal in which they give about two percentage points to the spa’s administrative workers. Roughly 20 employees are affected, mostly women, sources said.
“Should continuing your employment with The Rosseau . . . under this new policy not be acceptable to you, your employment will terminate at the end of the four-week period as outlined in this letter,” hotel general manager Tony Tamburro wrote on June 11.
In the three-page letter, the hotel — where rooms start at $269 per night — maintains the clawback is necessary “to efficiently manage our costs and to remain competitive within the industry.”
Under the new policy at The Rosseau Muskoka, the 20 per cent gratuity would see 10 percentage points go to the spa staff, 8.75 percentage points to the hotel and 1.25 percentage points to administrative associates in the spa.


Anonymous said...

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Is this Marriott chain wide policy or is this just one location?

Equally offensive is McGuinty's suggestion of banning "tipping out". There are already far too many unenforceable laws and bylaws on the books already.

Tips are vastly underreported as it is. Everyone knows it. The service industry workers are not exactly saints either.

sassy said...

If they can't remain competitive without taking the tips from staff then they shouldn't be in business.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's specific to this location. In this location u have 3-4 months to make your money. Ask management if their paycheck goes down in January,Frbruary,March,April and May. We may not be saints but we work for our money. We don't threaten anyone to earn it. Get your head out of the darkness.