Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lawful Access Coming Back: why? Luka Rocco Magnotta!

Hard to believe but this Government says it needs the lawful access legislation because of Luka Rocco Magnotta!

How that dreadful case supports the proposed intrusive laws spying on Canadians is beyond me. Magnotta was not, shall we say, discreetly hiding his video production. The police didn't need a search warrant or access to internet protocols to find it -- Google or Bing would suffice.

As readers will recall, we have obscenity laws and the laws apply here. There is no need for the lawful access legislation to deal with

This is just another example of intrusive and excessive criminal law legislation being supported by reference to the daily news -- an incoherent, radical and slovenly approach to lawmaking:

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said he is troubled by websites and Internet forums posting pictures and footage from a video believed to be linked to a Montreal murder and dismemberment case.

"I find that quite repugnant. I don't think that's necessary," Toews told CTV Question Period host Craig Oliver on Sunday. "It doesn't forward the interest of free speech at all."

When asked whether he believed it was possible for police to prosecute people who post gruesome crimes taking place on the Internet, Toews spoke of the government's efforts to update laws that oversee web content.

"It's a difficult prosecution given the state of the law today. Of course the police have been talking to me over the last six years about modernizing the law with respect to access," said Toews.

"As you know we put forward legislation that attempted to balance the public interest with privacy interests and that bill is in fact going to the committee prior to second reading," Toews said, referring to the lawful access legislation or Bill C-30.

Earlier this year, the government introduced the controversial online surveillance legislation in the House of Commons.


evilscientist said...

The police and the Harper Government know that their warrantless "lawful access" can be defeated by the simple expedient of encrypting the data sent over the internet right?

James C Morton said...

Errh, no -- is that something bad guys know too? Better not mention it...