Friday, July 13, 2012

Bell Mobility - Creative Incompetence

As my readers know, a few weeks ago I ordered an Iqaluit telephone from Bell Mobility.

Ignoring the fact I was to have the phone in a few days and it took weeks, yesterday I went to the Bell store to pick up the phone. The phone seemed good but... when I call the number it says "out of service".

So I spend literally hours today on the line with Bell today to be told the number won't work. Then I was told, if you can believe it, that they can't get a phone that works. And then they told me I can pay for a new phone with a new contract. And maybe that will work.

Note, Bell assigned me the number that has been put on advertising etc. And this is the number they say can't work. And now they want me to get a different number and contract?

They are supposed to call me within 24 hrs. How much do I expect the call??? Not much.



Dan F said...

Shocked but not surprised. Sounds like pretty much every other horror story I've heard about Bell (and Rogers). I think I figured out how they stay in business though, even as they hemorrhage customers. They blanket my condo with flyers on an almost weekly basis, capturing new Canadians who have not yet experienced the flabbergastically bad service of Rogers and Bell. So people leave, swear never to use them again, but they pour enough money into marketing (and independent local reps working on commission) that they don't have to worry.
If only they put the money into customer service and technology instead of marketing, they could just keep the customers they have instead of always having to look for new ones.

Anonymous said...

you know why they do this? because youre an inuk. they dont give a shit about you. just like northmart

The Rat said...

It's got nothing to do with race. It has to do with Canada's ridiculous competition laws. I have dealt at a business level with all the majors, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Shaw and all of them are incompetent and lacking customer service. Telus alone makes me weep that there is no one else to deal with in a lot of rural areas of BC. Until the big telcos are forced to compete with smaller companies who actually need our business there will be no change. Break the monopolies and allow foreign ownership now!

Loraine Lamontagne said...

The last time I spent a day with Bell they played some 10-second long jingle whenever they placed me on hold, which was half the day. Always the same jingle, looping continously.

Couldn't sleep all night - had to take the day off the following day.

I've heard it's some form of torture, Noriega, etc., but no business should be allowed to do this to their customers.

Anonymous said...

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