Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day thoughts

Here's a Post I did last Canada Day -- it's still true -- Happy Canada Day!!!

Canada Flag at Navy Board Inlet
Bernard Maktar
Canada is a good place to be.

A client, quite seriously, asked me if I was afraid of what might happen in the Provincial election this fall. I replied that I was confident the Liberals would do well and went on about how the campaign hasn't really begun.

My client responded by saying "perhaps, but if the Liberals lose will you leave the country?"

At first I thought my client was crazy but then I realized that where he came from being a member of an opposition group was physically dangerous.

And then I realized in much of, perhaps most of, the world, being in opposition is not safe.

Canada is different.

While I want a Provincial Liberal government I am totally confident that I am safe in remaining an open Liberal under a PC or NDP government. I have no fear that on visiting Ottawa a federal agent will throw me in a dungeon because I am a Liberal. Indeed, I know that my Conservative MP would politely meet me and discuss any concerns I have -- as would any NDP or Bloc MP -- regardless of my party affiliation.

Canada is blessed to be a peaceful Kingdom with freedom and ordered liberty. We have much to be grateful for.

Have a wonderful Canada Day.

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