Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creation of new Department of Family Services for Nunavut

The Government of Nunavut has laid out details of a major government restructuring next year, including the creation of a new Department of Family Services.

This is a major development and is in line with the increasing sophistication of the GN. As I have said before there is a rapid urbanisation taking place and that will lead to continuing social stress. The old ways of the hamlets just don't work anymore in Iqaluit and Rankin.

The new Department will split off from the existing Department of Health and Social Services, and assume responsibility for things such as child protection, income support, the Social Advocacy office, and homelessness.



John Prince said...

"As I have said before there is a rapid urbanisation taking place and that will lead to continuing social stress."

Now if you put that the other way around you will actually get to the root of the problem. Herding hunter-gathers into a life of dependency on the state in urban ghettos clears the way nicely for resource extraction, now doesn't it?

Are you a corporate hack, Morton?

James C Morton said...

Actually, no -- I am a strong supporter of Nunavut Tunngavik -- but I know Inuit in the hamlets (which I have spent considerable time in) want to advantages of things like hospitals, movie theatres, shopping and jobs. So they often move to the centres and that is a major stresser on the GN. You see, while some are content to like traditionally (and I am supportive of that) others want the same physical comforts that other urban Canadians have.

Anonymous said...

What is missing is the cost. This is a boondoggle waiting to happen. A few lobbyists and a few chiefs will get wealthy.

The real sad part is that the social services resources (ie cash) will be eaten up by social workers perks and lawyers' salaries.

Who will be left to monitor suicide and drug addiction rates?

How much will the inqury cost in ten years when some slick auditor reconizes that much of the money is missing?

Who will cue the award winning CBC reporter in five year when children are found living in a mould infested house sniffing gasoline?

You do know the definition of insanity?