Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If only I had a handgun I'd be able to stand tall!

What is the delusion that guns make someone strong -- candidly the thugs who are carrying guns (and then using them to shoot up block parties) merely show how weak they are.  If they were strong they's fight their own fights with what they had... .


The Rat said...

Is that a serious post with a serious take on the gang problem in Toronto? Are you really trying to reduce a complex problem like gang violence and the illicit trade in drugs to a playground bully analogy? This isn't about strength or showing off this about illegal business.

James, you must know this wasn't about shooting up a block party. This was two or more guys, rivals likely, who came together at a social function and tried to shoot each other. That neither side gave a crap about the bystanders is one of the problems we need to deal with.

Finally, it is no delusion that guns make one strong. Weak people the world over can defend themselves from physically stronger people or even governments because of guns.

James C Morton said...

For once I disagree Rat -- weak people who have guns for self defence are strong -- young men who have guns to be gang members are actually weak -- they are only pretend "men". Perhaps we agree and are just having a language debate...