Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Questions about Scarborough shootings

Everyone has an opinion.  For now I will hold mine.  Questions do arise though - what type of guns were used?  If they were handguns, as seems likely, what was their source?  Were they stolen from private collectors or smuggled into the country (or, I suppose, in theory owned by properly licenced owners who went on a rampage -- most unlikely -- licenced handgun owners in Canada have an extremely low rate of firearms misuse)?

A teenage girl and a man in his early 20s are dead and 19 people wounded after bullets flew at a large barbecue party in Scarborough.
“This is the worst incident of gun violence anywhere in North America. It’s very shocking. A lot of innocent people were injured tonight,” Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said at the scene, his voice wavering.
“Tonight’s event is unprecedented. It’s going to be shocking to everyone in Toronto, to everyone in Canada.”
A suspect was hospitalized and is in police custody, Blair said, addressing the media early Tuesday morning. Police are still looking for other suspects.
Hundreds of young people were outdoors at the barbecue outside 193 Danzig St. when gunfire broke out just before 11 p.m. Monday.
Police say the 21 victims, one a toddler under 3, were rushed to emergency rooms across the city.


Anonymous said...

black on black shooting. more poor black on black shooting. nobody will care. story over in a day.

Anonymous said...

How do you know they were black? The reports I saw in the media did not mention the color of the shooters.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all the articles ignore the fact it was a black block party, but the pictures on a few sites show everyone is black. The National Post even deleted comments from last night, only the Toronto Sun has comments on race.

The Rat said...

Again, the focus is on the gun. Why? Why aren't we focused on the people who are doing the shooting? I'm sorry to be so politically incorrect but so far as I can see the public gunfights, the Creba killing trhough today's, are all among black males. But it's the handgun that is the problem?

James C Morton said...

Rat, I agree (to some degree). That's why I noted that legitimate handgun owners are generally amazingly law abiding. That said, we are going to have bad guys (and gals) of all sorts of colours and if guns are available to them that's also a problem. So, focus on the bad guys but also cut off their access to firearms (See my piece in the National Post supporting stiff sentences for gun trafficking).