Monday, July 9, 2012

Two men charged with murder in Midland homicide

A terrible story. Apparently the two men entered to premises and started to hassle the staff. Some staff escaped but the deceased entered as his wife was under attack and he defended her but was beaten and died. Perhaps a robbery gone wrong? Perhaps drugs were involved?

MIDLAND, Ont. -- Two Midland men have been charged in the death of a man from the Beausoleil First Nations on Christian Island.

On Friday night Midland police answered a call about a disturbance behind a downtown business.

They found 59-year old Andrew Mixemong suffering from severe injuries and rushed him to the Georgian Bay General Hospital, where he later died.

A post mortem was done in Toronto yesterday, but the cause of death wasn't released.

Police have charged Jessy Herlichka and Paul McClun


Anonymous said...

If the staff had a firearm would he still be alive?

Good question eh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But the killers might have just used their guns and left more people dead.

James C Morton said...

in fairness it does seem crime rates are marginally lower in carry states -- now why is not certain -- but maybe armed staff would have discouraged this awful crime