Thursday, August 23, 2012

Google team, local residents, map remote Nunavut hamlet

Nice story but, in truth, Cambridge Bay isn't really that remote --airlines fly in pretty well all the time and it's a civilized place (1,500 people, a Northern Store and a Royal Bank) -- but it makes for a good story (as does the wolf in the photo!!!)


It wasn't a typical day in the office for members of Google's Street View team as they roamed around a small Nunavut hamlet on Thursday in an effort to build the most comprehensive and accurate map of Canada's Arctic.
But the Google team wasn't alone.

Residents of Cambridge Bay have been recruited to help Google map the remote community.

"High above the Arctic circle, it's a place reachable only by plane or boat," reads an Aug. 22 blog post by Google Canada. "Using the tools of 21st century cartography, we're empowering a community and putting Cambridge Bay on the proverbial map of tomorrow."

The mapping efforts began Wednesday and will continue Thursday throughout the village of 1,500.
The current Google map of Cambridge Bay appears as only a handful of streets.

The tech giant is using a "Street View Trike", which can maneuver around the gravel roads and into tight spaces too narrow for cars to photograph the area. Google is also using "Innerspace" kits to take pictures indoors.


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