Sunday, August 26, 2012


Michael Ignatieff got slammed for suggesting in a BBC interview that Quebec and the Rest of Canada are almost two separate countries floating towards a breakup  (that's a bit of an oversimplification of what he said but close enough) Of course "a prophet hath no honor in his own country" (John 4:44).  No one wants to be told bad news - it's easier to slag the messenger. But Michael was right then and is right now.  The Rest of Canada seems oblivious to what is happening in Quebec. (Indeed the only people outside Quebec who seem to even notice want Quebec to separate). The sovereignty movement is alive, well and likely to take power shortly.  The Parti Québécois seems likely to win the next election and they will push for an evolution to the end of the Canadian federation.  It is as if no one in the Rest of Canada cares at all about Quebec - and ignoring the fact Quebecers are Canadians so we should care, a renewed move to separation by Quebec will hurt the national economy and lead to major legislative gridlock.  It will be very bad for the Rest of Canada (and not much fun for Montreal or Quebec City either).  And First Nations and Iniut will not quietly go along with an independent Quebec - there will be moves for parts of Quebec to separate from Quebec - this could be violent.  Folks, we are sleepwalking on the edge of a cliff. This is not good.  


bigcitylib said...

And if Que. goes, is that just the first domino? With Northern Gateway, BC is not feeling too loved these days either. And of course Alta. is always bitching.

James C Morton said...

Well. That just means the whole country falls to pieces. Could be

Gordie_Canuk said...

The first domino that needs to fall in the direction separatists want is the electing of a majority PQ government, and that's a very real possibility right now.

I already voted in the advance polls today...and the capital region looks like it will reject the PQ, we shall see.

If the PQ does get a majority we could be looking at a referendum within the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff was not slammed for his comments at the BBC. He was slammed for his hypocrisy between his BBC comments and his message while on the campaign trail during the election.

His views change quite dramatically depending on his target audience. He was revealed as a fraud.