Friday, August 31, 2012

Silence from Ottawa

Maybe this is the right approach. Certainly Stephen Harper is not very popular in Quebec so speaking out might hurt federalism. Still, even if he is silent I strongly suspect he is concerned - at least I hope so!

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told his cabinet and caucus to stay out of the campaign. That hands-off decree is in stark contrast, for example, to the Alberta provincial election last spring, when a number of federal cabinet ministers openly endorsed the fledgling Wild Rose Party.


Anonymous said...

To some extent it is inevitable. The Libs have mismanaged the economy and certainly have continued the ways of corruption like their federal cousins. Citizens have a right to turf their governments.

My view would be to let the chips fall where they may. However, if a sepratiste premier is elected and starts with threats, then don't hold back. Fight back for what is right for Canada. Enough of the coddling; It hasn't worked.

Larry said...

Might be time to bid Quebec adieu. Harper has given them distinct society status, 1/3 of all equalizations payments, allowed draconian language rights and yet they are still not happy.

Time to go.

Anonymous said...

Royal Steve will remain silent.

Sandyjjay said...

Royal Steve will remain silent.