Wednesday, August 15, 2012

United Church as Useful Idiot

I will get some heavy flak for this but by taking away the recognition of Israel's fundamental nature as a Jewish state the United Church proposals have lost any measure of legitimacy.

It is one thing to call upon Israel to abandon lands gained in 1967 and to back that up by saying there will be commercial pressure to promote that result. It is something else entirely to say Israel need not be a Jewish state. 

That, bluntly, is to say the Jews are specially chosen to be stateless - and that is not anti-Israel, that is anti-Semitic. 

Now, seeing as the United Church is rapidly fading away perhaps all this is meaningless but still, there is a tragedy in seeing a former rock of Canadian identity being reduced to a useful idiot of present day fascism.

"The United Church working group also reversed one of its original recommendations that called for Palestinians to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, instead recommending that Palestinians need not make that recognition until significant peace talks commence."


Gordie_Canuk said...

Sounds to me like the UC is supporting the separation of Church and state...If you're in favour of putting religious labels on countries how would you designate Canada?

Bill Longstaff said...

I fail to see how Jews are "chosen to be stateless" if Israel is not defined as a Jewish state. My country — Canada — is not defined either by my race or my religion, and I most definitely do not consider myself to be stateless. Furthermore, Canadian Jews are no more stateless than I am.

Defining Israel as a Jewish state is disrespectful to the 20 per cent of the population who are Arab and Muslim. They deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Canada is not a refuge state. Israel is.

The Rat said...

Separating church and state in a region where sharia is rampant seems just a tad hypocritical. As a Jewish state, it means that the majority of citizens should be Jewish, whether observant or not, in order to avoid a future where Jews are once again a minority in a country that wishes to murder them en masse. If you want to call that religion, go ahead. If I remember correctly no one has ever asked a Jew if they were observant before they killed them.

Anonymous said...

Actually Hitler did allow non observant Jews to avoid the gas chamber -- that's why there are so many secular Jews in Poland today -- they make up a large part of the population.

The Rat said...

Really? You think the Nazis gave a rat's ass whether a Jew attended synagogue? They were in it for racial purity, not religious bigotry. Holocaust historian Deborah Dwork put it this way:

In addition, [there] is the Germans' idea about Jewish blood. A single drop of Jewish blood-one single drop-was too much and polluting,"