Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baffinland proposal would create largest industrial project ever in the North

If done right, lots of jobs and development -- but do not underestimate the social dislocation and risk to the environment.  I support the project, but with safeguards!

A helicopter passes over excavation equipment at the Mary River exploration camp, the site of a proposed iron mine on northern Baffin Island, in 2006.

A massive open-pit iron mine proposed on northern Baffin Island would be the North’s largest industrial development to date, but Nunavut residents are divided over what it would mean for the territory.
The Mary River mine, proposed by Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, would be located about 160 kilometres south of Pond Inlet. The 17,000-hectare mine will cost about $4 billion to build.
Plans call for a 150-kilometre railway to transport ore from the mine to a port to be built at Steensby Inlet. From there, nine icebreaking freighters weighing at 190,000 tonnes each would run year-round. About every two days, one loaded freighter would carry the ore through Arctic waters to Europe.

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