Thursday, September 13, 2012

Does Sam Bacile exist? I am thinking not

Besides, if you actually watch the darn thing on YouTube it is astoundingly poorly done;  more like a prank than anything genuine.


Innocence of Muslims is credited to “Sam Bacile,” but reports suggest the name is a pseudonym. The Associated Press contacted a man claiming to be Bacile Wednesday. ... On Wednesday night, the AP reported that it had tracked his cellphone number to an address near Los Angeles where a man called Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was found.


Skinny Dipper said...

Yesterday, I saw the 13 minute clip on YouTube. It was poorly written. The acting was wooden. The background sets were obviously green screened. I do believe as one actor complained that the actors' voices are dubbed-over a few times. "Muhammad" replaced "George" in the dubs.

As much as the film is idiotic, I place the blame on those who killed the US ambassador and personnel on the people who actually killed them. I don't blame US domestic or foreign policy for the deaths of the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Either the guy was a Coptic Christian with a checkered past, as reportted, or this was a Mossad operation carried out to put pressure on Obama to support an Israeli attack on Iran. Kind of suspicious, don't you think, that Netanyahu jumps out in praise of Harper kicking out the Iranian diplomats just after Obama gets his surge after the DNC?

The Rat said...

Piss Christ - no violence
Piss Buddha - no violence
Piss Krishna - no violence
Piss Torah - no violence
Piss Mohammed?

The problem isn't free speech.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2. I really doubt an Israeli agent. Far too heavy handed and frankly inept. Rat I must say I was thinking of the film about a Gay Jesus the other day and how the net reaction was a letter from some Bishop saying how offended he was. Call my G-d a fraud and I might get annoyed but I won't do anything physical.

Anonymous said...

Good move by the americans in Libya but it would be a better move to get the producer of the video.Get him and send him to Cairo square to be hung by his balls,

Anonymous said...

Time to dangle