Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yes, the PQ won, but by a very small margin

In fact, their popular vote went down from the last election.

While I would have preferred another Party to win this is about as good a result as could be expected.

And as for the guy who murdered some poor person at the PQ victory rally, I note his description:

The suspect, a heavyset, bespectacled man, wore a balaclava, shorts and what appeared to be a bathrobe

A tragedy yes, but hardly one that suggests some organized political violence.


Stephen Downes said...

I think the PQ probably erred making language and separation major themes in the election - I know these are the PQ's raison d'etre, but people wanted a more left wing and less corrupt government, and in Quebec, the PQ is the only option if you want this (indeed - when you say "I would have preferred another Party to win" I wonder what you can mean - did you support the Charest conservatives, er, Liberals?).

Anonymous said...

S. Downes

There is/was little Conservative about Charest's Quebec.

The Liberal loss was a foregone conclusion. Admittedly, it was closer than expected IMO.

The result was about as positive as possible. 32% is about as mathematically low as you can get and win an election with three main parties. It is a stunningly weak mandate.

Would Parizeau say "Never forget; Three fifths of who we are voted for a federalist option."?

I recall Liberals getting angry at the article citing Quebec as the most corrupt province. But, that is why Charest lost. Liberals deserved to be defeated.

The Rat said...

I will point out once again that there is something in Quebec, something distinct if you will, when it comes to crazies and guns. The list is long, from Denis Lortie and Marc (Gamil Gharbi)Lepine, to Valeri Fabrikant and Kimveer Gill. This guys, if he's an anglo, will just continue the tradtion of shooters who did not fit into the rather xenophobic francophone society.

This YouTube video should be an eye opener for Anglos outside Quebec. Sure, most of these shooters are loonie toons but they are reacting to something no matter how inappropriately.

Anonymous said...

Rat makes a point

Stephen Downes said...

Rat is simply misinformed when it comes to the history of mass shootings in Canada. Consider, for example, the Centennial Secondary shooting in Brampton and the St Pius X High School School shooting in Ottawa, both in 1975. Or the shootings in Taber, Alberta. Or the murder of four RCMP officers near Whitecourt, Alberta. And of course several recent shootings in Toronto, including one in the Eaton Centre and a shooting spree in Scarborough last year.

The Rat said...

Mr. Downes, there is a world of difference between those shootings and the ones I listed. Denis Lortie, Marc Lepine, Valeri Fabrikant, and Kimveer Gill all went on un-targeted rampages. The Taber shooting was a bad-guy-on-RCMP incident, The Bandidos massacre was another, and the shootings in Toronto this year were gang-banger-on-gang-banger. If you can't see the difference between a rage-induced, random, kill anyone spree and a targeted hit then you are sadly misinformed on what a "mass shooting" is.