Monday, October 22, 2012


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meadowlark said...

I am very sorry for our Polar Bears. With the ice melting away in the High Arctic, hunting is becoming too much of a challenge.

A Polar Bear swam the distance from Calgary to Vancouver,to reach an ice floe to hunt from. They clocked the Bear, he had to swim for nine days to do so.

Mother Polar Bears who have to swim too far out to sea. Their babies drown, as they can't swim that far.

Some Mother Polar Bears eat their babies. They know they can't take care of them.

Even the Spirit Bears, that live in the Great Bear Rain Forests, are under threat. That's the channel where the dirty tar tankers, have to take, to reach Kitimat Port.

It's true what they say. Man is the most destructive animal on earth and, the most stupid one at that. Wild animals have much more sense. They don't foul and destroy their living spaces. We do that for them.