Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fear not greed: a new scam?

I got this under the title "your life is at stake" from Ray Cheng. It's an interesting scam. It depends on fear rather than greed. And I fear some will be caught:

To your attention

I want you to read this message very carefully and that you keep the
secret until further notice. You do not need to know who I am or where
I come from. I was paid an advance of $30,000 to eliminate you. My
sponsors one of which is what we can call an ex-convict that was
convicted by your firm long ago gave me the reasons I noted. I am more
than ten days and now I know that you are innocent of what you are
accused because he was guilty of what he was convicted for by your
firm. Do not try to warn or send this message to the FBI or the police
because I know that I'll have to do the job for which I was paid. Note
that this is the first time that I betrayed my employer.

Look, I'll do everything I can so that we can meet before but I need
$15,000. You have nothing to be afraid of me, I can come see you in
your office or home, it is up to you to decide. Never attempt
recording or filming our upcoming meeting. you will pay $10,000 to the
account I will tell you, this before our first meeting. Once payment
is made, I will give you the file that contains the names and queries
sponsors. This is a good evidence that can be used to sue if you wish.
The balance of the payment will be settled later.

For the moment this is not the trouble I give you my phone number
because you will cooperate. I have your picture and other important
information about you. I was involved with my team in the Yemen Arab
Republic. You must not ask me any questions.

Quickly confirm for your good.

Affar Williams

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Anonymous said...

Tell him he can have the cash if he comes to pick it up personally...