Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harper picks Quebec Appeal Court judge for Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen Justice Richard Wagner of the Quebec Court of Appeal to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada.

Justice Wagner becomes the Harper government's fifth appointment. The Montreal lawyer was appointed to appointed to the Superior Court of Quebec in 2004, and the Harper government named him to Court of Appeal of Quebec in 2011.

 Prior to his judicial appointment, Justice Wagner had a commercial litigation practice focused on areas such as real estate, commercial litigation and professional liability insurance. He was also a certified mediator. His professional background includes long list of executive and professional development roles in Quebec's legal community.


Anonymous said...

Cue the outrage...

Loraine Lamontagne said...

An unforgettable name. Looks like his father. I would gladly be the Sieglinde to his Siegmund.