Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doug Ford to run in byelection if mayor can't


TORONTO, Ont. - While Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's lawyer prepares to apply for a stay in the conflict-of-interest ruling, a report suggests the Ford election machine is revving up with Councillor Doug Ford possibly running for the top job.

The primary plan is still to try to get the stay so that Rob Ford can remain in the mayor's chair while the appeal process plays out.


Anonymous said...

This brother is the Mayors' worst enemy....he tells him all the wrong things to say and shows him as a loser while he is always the he is going to jump into his job before he has even lost it.....Boy..what a nice BRO...with a brother like that you dont need enemies.

Anonymous said...


Don't you know that it's Doug whose been running the show behind the scenes and the mayor is just his puppet!

Anonymous said...

Why is there any doubt as to whether Rob Ford can run in a byelection?

This ambiguity is stunning to me.

doconnor said...

That's cool. It means we could be rid of both Fords in one election.

Anonymous said...

If he loses the appeal, the judicial process in Canada will be a laughing stock