Saturday, November 24, 2012

If detained by police, you have the right to REMAIN SILENT.

Anything you say can be taken down and used against you. When you are detained or arrested, the thing police officers want most is to get information from you. They will use all sorts of techniques to get you to talk.

Sometimes it's hard to keep quiet; the police know it and they often try to provoke someone into talking: not playing their game is brave and it also keeps you out of their trap.

In Canada while you have the right to not answer questions you do not have the right not to be asked questions. Even if you say you are exercising you right to silence the police can question you for hours and hours. Remember to say nothing. Even if you ache to answer just be still and keep silent.

You never know: maybe they don't have much evidence against you and in that case, all they can try is to make you say something to incriminate yourself!

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Anonymous said...

I read the same thing years ago in an article which originated in the US. Good advice. Tho I have never been in such a situation, & hope I never will, it's a good reminder.