Saturday, November 3, 2012

Irving Andre raised to Superior Court

Justice Irving Andre, has been appointed as a judge of the Superior Court of Justice, in Brampton.


The OCJ's loss is the SCJ's gain!


Anonymous said...

This is clearly a wonderful day in Canadian justice history. This is a step in the right direction for the Canadian civil rights movement. Despite the fact that we have section 15 (2) of the Charter of Rights and the Employment Equity Act, Canada is still decades behind seeing true equal minority representation within our justice officials. These are also the thoughts of Senator Don Oliver who has been a strong voice and advocate for racial equality in Canada, one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world. The face of Canadian culture is changing but yet every time we see any top officials or CEOs they are all just about White males. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the greatest Prime Minister Canada has ever had. He had a dream of making this great nation a place for people to find a better life and achieve equality and be free from racial persecution. The aforementioned laws are a brilliant beginning but have been stoned-walled by this current government. Senator Don Oliver has purposed that Canada needs even further laws to protect visible minorities and ensure that they be equally represented in public and private industry. I along with many Canadians certainly agree. We need laws that put the new Canadians and visible minorities at the front of the line. I hope that when Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister he finishes the job his great father started and truly makes Canada a strong leader in equal rights. Good luck to you Mr. Justice Irving Andre and may God bless you.

The Rat said...

So, who appointed him? Wouldn't that be the same obstructionist, racist, Conservative government you just railed against?

I wonder if Justice Andre would appreciate being told he got his job because he is black and we needed a black man to equalize the ratios. I'm sure he wouldn't mind it at all if we just took away his responsibility for his achievements and gave them to a dead white guy like Pierre Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

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