Thursday, December 6, 2012

Conservatives consider loosening firearms restrictions

This is not a good idea.

I do not have a problem with guns -- they are an integral part of Canada's history and living heritage.

That said there is really no reason for ordinary citizens to have access to assault weapons or handguns.  More, even totally legitimate guns (shotguns for example) must be treated with respect and governed closely.  I am dealing with a tragic matter presently where easy access to weapons turned what could have been a punch up between young men into death and terror for an entire community.

Let's be cautious about loosening the gun laws -- Canada's murder rate by firearms is the lowest it has been in decades -- that suggests the present regime is working well and if it ain't broke... .


OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives are considering sweeping recommendations from an influential government firearms advisory committee to loosen Canada’s gun control laws, the Star has learned.

The proposed changes would touch on many of the remaining restrictions on firearms and critics say would pose a risk to public safety.

The proposals include getting rid of the “prohibited” category of firearms and reclassifying weapons such as certain handguns and assault weapons as “restricted” only, and extending the duration of owner licences from five to 10 years — a move the RCMP warns would strip away an important safety check


Dan F said...

Of course there is a reason. Conservatives need for there to be more gun crime so that their campaign of fear during elections is more effective.

Crime rates have been dropping steadily for 40 years, which runs counter to the Conservative narrative that we should be very afraid, get tougher on crime, and build more prisons (which is also profitable for their friends in the private prison industry).

One way that Conservatives can make sure that their narrative about rampant crime is not totally disconnected from reality is to loosen gun restrictions, to help bring about the rampant gun crime they are hoping for, so that they can campaign on the issue and get re-elected.

Conservatives also like to increase crime rates by fighting against things like universal daycare, better schools, mental health care, and any other program that might help to reduce crime down the road.

It sounds cynical, but every action taken by a conservative-leaning government anywhere in North America is consistent with this behaviour.

James C Morton said...

Gosh. That's scary.

The Rat said...

James, you're a lawyer. Have you read the laws that regulate firearms in this country? Or reviewed the list of firearms that are prohibited? Or the storage requirements? Or read what classifies a new firearm as non-restricted, restricted, or prohibited? These laws are badly written, vague, and at times contradictory. For example, you must store your ammunition either together with or separate from your guns. What the hell does that mean?

You used a term, "assault rifle", but I doubt you know what the definition of one is beyond "I know one when I see one." By definition ALL assault rifles are already prohibited in Canada. What you label assault rifles are semi-automatic rifles in scary plastic. It is the plastic that apparently makes them assault rifles.

You wrote about totally legitimate guns like shotguns. Would that include this shotgun? It's a non-restricted pump shotgun but it looks pretty scary, doesn't it?

When we define rifles by their looks and not by function we are not acting in a rational manner. Our current firearms laws are not rational, they are an irrational reaction to an irrational act by one deranged nutter. I believe you wrote at one point that extreme examples make for bad law. Our firearms laws are such.

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