Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The homicide rate in Ontario has reached its lowest point since 1966

By contrast, the homicide rate in Ontario, which saw 28 fewer homicides in 2011, reached its lowest point since 1966.


The Rat said...

Lies, damn lies and statistics. Funny how so many people can read the same report and come to such vastly different conclusions. Your confrère at Cowboys for Social Responsibility sees the report as a justification for the long gun registry because 65% of homicides in rural areas are committed with long guns. Oops! Sorry, the small print on his page says "...65% of firearms related homicides." Hmm, so people outside of big cities, when they decide to kill with a gun use what's a hand. Shocking! But what he doesn't mention is the percentage of homicides with firearms compared to total homicides. There's a reason for that, you know.

Me, I'd look at the stat that says that homicide rates are up but firearm homicides are down. How about that! It seems that when people, rural or urban, decide to kill they use what is at hand and this years winner is ... wait for it ... knives!

I personally find it so ironic that with all our prevention and gun control homicides are still up. Maybe it's not the implement the person uses that's important, maybe it's the intent of the murderer. Just my two cents.

Statistics may not lie but the people using them sure do!

Anonymous said...

Get a life, Rat. Why do you persist in leaving your excrement all over Liberal blogs?

The Rat said...

I don't know, 'nonymouse, I guess this rat just can't bring himself to leave the sinking ship. Besides, the NDP blogs aren't nearly as much fun.