Friday, March 22, 2013

Call me old fashioned but I thought judges ruled on disclosure - not reporters,,,

GATINEAU, Que. — Criminal charges against Sen. Patrick Brazeau will next be dealt with on June 10, with the prosecution suggesting his legal team is using delay tactics in the case.

Brazeau, 38, was not present at a Friday morning hearing where lawyers Michel Swanston and Gerard Larocque asked for additional disclosure in the case. He is pleading not guilty to assault and sexual assault charges stemming from a Feb. 7 incident at his Gatineau, Que., home.

His legal team's request for additional disclosure in the case is not out of the ordinary, but Crown prosecutor Sylvain Petitclerc said the evidence dossier provided by the prosecution on Feb. 12 was "100 per cent" complete.

"I don't see what's missing in that file," he told reporters at a courthouse Friday morning in Gatineau, near Ottawa.

"They have not even told me what they are asking for. They will think about it and they will send me a letter in a few days."

Asked whether he thinks Brazeau's lawyers are trying to buy time, Petitclerc said: "It's a possibility."

Swanston said Brazeau's legal team intends to "vigorously" contest the allegations.

"We have no intention of arguing this case in the media, and are appalled by the fact that a version of facts is already circulating, and that before the trial has commenced," he said in a statement to reporters at the courthouse.

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