Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ron Delisle passes

Those who knew Ron Delisle at Queen's will be saddened to hear that he passed away this morning at Kingston General Hospital. Canada has lost a great academic and a decent human being.


John Ecclestone said...

I learned of Ron Delisle's death from his niece at a parole hearing at Pittsburgh Institution on the morning of 14 MR 2013. Mr Delisle had returned from the bench to teach at Queen's but I was never privileged to take any courses from him, though I knew his specialty was the law of 'evidence'. Rumour had it that he had left the bench because he was decidedly not pleased with level of advocacy which was practiced before him and he felt that he was more needed as a law professor than as a Judge. However, I do recall something important, but something which is not, and likely cannot be, taught at law school, and it involved Justice Delisle. Appearing before him on some criminal matter was the late Louis H. Tepper, Barrister. Lou was citing some Ontario Court of Appeal case, the decision in which was an absolutely vital part of his submissions. Justice Delisle let Mr Tepper finish and then he said: "Surely, Mr Tepper, you know that the Supreme Court of Canada has overturned that case 3 days ago!" Without missing a beat, Lou Tepper removed his glasses (with a flourish) and stated: "A small point, Your Honour." Lou then carried on just as if he had not been shot down in flames, but I am sure both men knew what had really happened! With the passing of Ron Delisle, Canada has lost a decent and thoughtful man ... and we do not have them to spare!

Anonymous said...

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