Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"This Criminal Code is not holy book"

A Montreal man accused of plotting a terrorist attack against a VIA Rail passenger train denounced the Canadian Criminal Code in a Toronto courtroom Wednesday during his second court appearance.

“This Criminal Code is not holy book,” Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, told the court as he stood in the prisoners’ box at Old City Hall.

After Justice of the Peace Susan Hilton cautioned him he was on the record and he spoke with duty counsel, Esseghaier continued to comment on his detention, saying the code could not be relied on. “Only the Creator is perfect,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter in this court,” Hilton told him, before ordering his detention pending a next appearance on May 23.



The Keystone Garter said...

It isn't a Holy Book because the Bible-thumpers have only been in charge for two years.
The fraciton of The Bible, maybe 1/6th, that is Jesus is good for a society. Martel only had to defeat the Arab civilization twice before they degenerated into a 3-way civil war. They didn't have much tolerance under the teaching of Mohamed. Whereas, the diversity of the Bible writings allows belieivers to pick the best of the lot and focus upon Jesus. Without Jesus, The Bible and The Koran read very similiarly. The teachings of the 2nd Bacon are superior to both. Both Christianity and Muslim culture are basically for braking progress too early, resulting in the 100% certainty we would be wiped out in centuries or millenia, god-willing. At whoch point we would lose literacy and the organized religions would degenerate. The Greek civilization was a little superior, at least Muslim and Christian culture were enough to preserve what the Greeks did for 1200 years. Eventually Oxford was far enough away from the Catholic Church to use chivalry to get to the first Bacon, who urged rich people to fund tinkerers, who evenutally figured out vacuums in engines and pumping out mine water, then rotary motion in a motor.
We will evenutally want to brake or reverse many engineering fields, but we'll need a redundancy for if/when the Sun fails. We'll need at least 2500 level of space technology but we may only want 2050s biotech, 2100 robotics, and 2150 AI software...I don't see religion as helping much here. I do see a liberal rational humanist mindset as being helpful.

The Keystone Garter said...

Religion was good for me when a loved one became an addict and will be good when I'm terminally ill. But I'm intelligent and I want humans now and in the future to be happy. And the USA spending all their money on Churches instead of university research centres doesn't make people happy.
The mosques in the middle east remind me of forced North Korean public ceremonies. Again, good for the powerless and the weak. Being powerful and using the power for good is humanism.