Monday, May 13, 2013

Liberal Victory in Labrador

MONTRÉAL– Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made the following statement today on the by-election results in Labrador:
"I am immensely proud of Yvonne Jones and want to offer her my heartfelt congratulations on this victory.
I was thrilled to campaign with Yvonne in Labrador, and am equally looking forward to the strong track record of proven leadership that she brings to both the Liberal caucus and to Parliament on behalf of her riding.
Today we have demonstrated that the Liberal message of hope and hard work is resonating, and that Canadians are tired of the Conservatives' politics of cynicism, division and fear.
This is just the beginning. Together with Canadians we will build a thriving middle class and an even greater country."

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The Keystone Garter said...

Good. Labrador has forests, peat moss and clay so should be suitable for a pore-water wood-chip injection well slurry into the clay.
On J.Stewart a few years ago, he mentioned police charge students draconianly for having a J on them in a car, because it puts their kids through college with the end of shift OT.
There should be goals of how much infractions we want for a given policing cost and just in general. Jaywalking on in empty street is okay. I think police should be more like the military and prepared to move, as well as like IT professional and prepared to retrain. In the downtown eastside, it is the only cheap housing in Vancouver but it isn't liveable because an already overrepresentation of mentally ill people is growing via access to open hard drug mores. Yet you would want some recreational consumption by college students.
So you'd want police in some quiet jurisdiction to relocate there. You'd want more police to track American gun imports as we decriminalize/legalize. You'd want police to become expertx at treating/dealing with mental illness as a growing GAI limits violent crimes among rational individuals (people on welfare in Vancouver don't have high violence rates as don't want to lose pogey). Police could better enforce housing standards...
Dix not buying a ticket being late for a work, is a good thing.
Policing has to be harmonized with Q-of-L gains. Will need to be flexible to change from where society is now.