Sunday, July 14, 2013

Canada is full?

Recently there has been a claim that Canada is full - the population cannot grow larger.

Certainly in parts of the South good farmland has been, and continues to be, paced over for shopping malls and housing. That's a mistake.

But anyone who thinks Canada is crowded probably hasn't left Toronto recently.

The vastness of Canada is amazing but the emptiness of most of the country is staggering.

Fly due north from Ottawa for three hours crossing Nunavik and on to Baffin.

Look down - what do you see?

Buildings? Farming? Roads?


And once you arrive in Iqaluit you are still hours of flying time south of the bulk of Nunavut.

Canada is more that just the first few hundred kilometres north of the U.S. border. Canada is vast and lightly populated.

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Anonymous said...

90% of Canada is empty, barren, unserviced, uninhabitable, too cold, to remote to be affordable and nowhere most people especially new immigrants want to be. The stats show most newcomers settle in 3-4 urban settings which are already suffering crowding, overpriced housing, crumbling infrastructure in power, water, roads, rail, etc.

Saying Canada has lots of room is the same as saying that about the outback, the Gobi desert. The idea of endless growth is dangerous and to promote such is just foolish