Thursday, July 4, 2013

Twin Pandas Born

Xinhua news agency is reporting that the baby pandas were born at Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan province to a mom named Haizi. They were born 10 minutes apart on Saturday afternoon local time.

They are the first twin panda pair born this year, Xinhua reports.

In totally adorable news, the gender and weight of the first baby are unknown because momma Haizi hasn't yet released the cub from her arms. But conservation staff report that the cub is probably healthy, based on its size and the "volume of the sounds it has been making."

The second cub is a female that weighs 79.2 grams -- about as heavy as half a grapefruit. Newborn pandas are tiny and pink. Only later do they grow into the black and white rapscallions we know and love from YouTube.

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