Sunday, July 14, 2013


The acquittal was not a great surprise. 

The prosecution's case did not come out especially well. The attempt last week during closing (!!!) to allege child abuse was not a ploy to distract the defence - it was a Hail Mary gambit by the prosecutor where the hope was to salvage something. 

Perhaps because it wouldn't fly on the facts the issue of race was not brought forward in the trial.  As a result further federal proceedings seem highly implausible. 

State Attorney Angela Corey said she believed prosecutors had "brought out the truth on behalf of Trayvon Martin".

"This case has never been about race or the right to bear arms,'' she said.

"We believe this case all along was about boundaries, and George Zimmerman exceeded those boundaries."

The jury disagreed. 

(Of course, had Zimmerman not had a gun the facts would have been quite different. )


Anonymous said...

Professor Morton, the acquittal will never negate the fact that, according to Zimmerman's own words on the call to police, he was more than a 'wannabe cop', he acted as JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER...just like on the New Orlean's road, crossing the bridge after Katrina, when police executed people based on the colour of their skin.

Anonymous said...

This disgraceful verdict emphasizes the fact that it is a court system, not a justice system. Zimmerman was guilty of murder, regardless of what the racist, corrupt, classist Florida court falsely declared.

Anonymous said...

Im never sure what people want when it comes to these cases, no trial at all or just the assurance that the outcome would be guilty and the trial would be a necessary formality. Regardless, its bizarre listening to people rationalize why this jury got it wrong when they were not part of the trial or in the jury room...just bizarre.

The Rat said...

James, the facts might have been quite different indeed. If, as testimony indicated, Martin was on top of Zimmerman MMA-style and pounding Zimmerman's head into the concrete, the facts might be just another white guy killed by a black teen. That doesn't make the news much, certainly not the national news, because it doesn't fit the race-baiting narrative favoured by NBC and CNN. The fact Zimmerman had a gun and was able to use it, and the fact that the jury at least believed that Zimmerman might have been in real fear for his life, speaks strongly in favour of gun ownership. That is, unless people think it better for the victim to die rather than the attacker. This being Canada That's the law, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman, the racist wanna-be cop who had previous run-ins with the authorities, stalked Martin, picked a fight him and then shot his victim to death under the false pretense of self defence. He got off because his dad is a former judge and because of the bias in Florida court system. Zimmerman is a threat to society.