Monday, September 2, 2013

Thomas M. Cooley Law School Alma Mater Song

Thomas Cooley, Alma Mater, mighty temple of the law;

Where first we sought the face of justice full of wonder, full of awe. Thomas Cooley, Alma Mater, reservoir of truth sublime;
Where first we tasted sweetest Reason, Learning wisdom grows with time. We came to you in Michaelmas, different as the Autumn Trees.
And working grew in Friendships through quiet, snowbound Hilaries. We'll say goodbye to Trinities, Treasuring our memories
of Thomas Cooley, Alma Mater,
as we wear your White and Blue, We proudly sing your highest Praises,

Thomas Cooley, Hail to You.

Written and composed by:
The Hon. Thomas E. Brennan
Founder and former Dean and President, Thomas M. Cooley Law School 

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