Thursday, October 3, 2013

Injunctive relief against CRA available only in Federal Court

861808 Ontario Inc. v. Canada (Revenue Agency), 2013 ONCA 604:

[7]          We do not accept this submission.  Section 18(1) of the FCA explicitly grants the Federal Court "exclusive original jurisdiction to issue an injunction".  There is nothing ambiguous in this language; it applies to all injunctions, including interim, interlocutory and permanent.  Moreover, all of the relevant case authorities support the motion judge's analysis and conclusion: see Canada (Attorney General) v. TeleZone Inc., 2010 SCC 62, at para. 52; Puttkemery v. Air Canada, [2003] O.J, No. 2686 (Div. Ct.), at paras. 5-6; and Burkes v. Canada (Revenue Agency), 2010 ONSC 3485, at paras. 9-15.

[8]          In TeleZone, Binnie J. dealt with this issue explicitly, at para. 52:

All of the remedies listed in s. 18(1)(a) are traditional administrative law remedies, including the four prerogative writs – certiorari, prohibition,mandamus and quo warranto – and declaratory and injunctive relief in the administrative law context.  Section 18 does not include an award of damages.  If a claimant seeks compensation, he or she cannot get it on judicial review.  By the same token, the plaintiff in a damages action is not entitled to add a supplementary claim for a declaration or injunction to prevent the government from acting on a decision said to be tainted by illegality.  That is the domain of the Federal Court.  [Emphasis added.]

[9]          This passage is conclusive against the appellant's argument.

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