Sunday, October 27, 2013

Michael Mandel dies - a loss to Osgoode

Just today I learned Michael Mandel, a professor for many years at Osgoode Hall died, perhaps this morning.

Michael was a part of Osgoode Hall that no one could ever forget. He would sing and always had a jovial greeting for everyone. His politics were radical beyond belief but on an interpersonal level he was a kind a generous man.

As an academic he challenged students to think beyond the obvious. While I was unconvinced by a Marxist theory of law (or anything else for that matter) Professor Mandel made me reexamine my own biases - and this is pushing thirty years ago.

His kind will not be seen again soon.


Anonymous said...

I was sad to read this today too. I had him over 20 years ago. I loved his challenging presentation of the Charter, still new at that time, and also that he shared but did not expect his students to share his ideas - just to think about them. And yes, the music, the humour, the spirit. He is missed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mandel's greatest contribution in recent times has been to demolish arguments for illegal wars, from Jean Chretien's bombing of Serbia through Bush's attacks on Iraq to the push by Obama/Axworthy & Rock for an illegal attack on Syria.

A recent article on the latter: