Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kirov was murdered by a lone gunman

"It must be asserted that to this day the circumstances surrounding Kirov's murder hide many things which are inexplicable and mysterious and demand a most careful examination. There are reasons for the suspicion that the killer of Kirov, Nikolaev, was assisted by someone from among the people whose duty it was protect the person of Kirov. A month and a half before the killing, Nikolaev was arrested on the grounds of suspicious behaviour, but he was released and not even searched. It is an unusually suspicious circumstance that when the Chekist assigned to protect Kirov was being brought for an interrogation, on 2 December 1934, he was killed in a car 'accident' in which no other occupants of the car were harmed. After the murder of Kirov, top functionaries of the Leningrad NKVD were relieved of their duties and were given very light sentences, but in 1937 they were shot. We can assume that they were shot in order to cover the traces of the organizers of Kirov's killing."

Khrushchev, N.S., On the Cult of the Individual and Its Consequences, London (1989), p. 21

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Rene said...

It sounds more like a Stalinist conspiracy than the revenge killing of a rival by a jealous husband. There were whole layers of loyal Stalinist bureaucrats and functionaries, NKVD agents associated with state security and the ensuing investigation into Kirov's murder liquidated in purges, and not simply the family, friends, neighbours, former colleagues and past acquaintances of the unfortunate Nikolayaev who disappeared during prison interrogations or into the gulag.

The Western media hardly distinguished itself during this period. All sorts of slanderous lies and vile accusations of incredible sordid crimes by Soviet oppositionists Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, and later Bukharin were printed in publications such as the New York Times by journalists such as Walter Duranty, accusing Soviet oppositionists of mass poisonings in Soviet factory cafeterias ( probably the result of listeriosis, ecoli or spoiled food poisoning), of power failures, train derailments ( deliberate acts of sabotage), food shortages in the Ukraine, etc.

Western liberals sympathetic to Stalin's rule pleaded with American philosopher John Dewey not to provide "progressive cover" to "objectively reactionary", "anti-Soviet" and "fascist" purpose by participating and lending his prestige to Trotsky's Commission of Enquiry into the Moscow Trials....