Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quebec and the NDP #Fail

It seems the NDP leader has said he will "wipe the floor" with Justin Trudeau.


Because the Liberal leader holds to the Clarity Act and says Quebec cannot leave Canada without a clear question and a clear majority on a referendum. The NDP says 50% plus one will do.

I was impressed with Tom Mulcair.

But not here.

50% plus one is not what the Constitution says but more it suggests Canada would abandon Anglo Federalists and the semi autonomous region of Nunavik. Unless these groups also seek separation to say 50% plus one is a betrayal of English speakers and Inuit.

I appreciate the NDP wants to keep its Quebec seats. But to do so by abandoning Canada?

Hashtag Fail.


Anonymous said...

"I appreciate the NDP wants to keep its Quebec seats. But to do so by abandoning Canada?"
I'll take "yes" for 1000 Mr Morton. For years the NDP got by federally because they were never asked difficult questions, they were the "fringe" party that no one took too seriously.
Mr Layton always used that to his advantage and until the Quebec break through was never taken that seriously either. The questions are now being asked. Linda McQuaig is have a very difficult time in the by-election because of her far left NDP views and, she's being asked difficult questions. Its about time. The LPC will make huge gains in Quebec restoring some sanity to the federal scene.

gabriel said...

I'm unsympathetic to a supposed "right to self-determination" universally, and there's a good argument that the standard ought to be greater than 50% to change such a fundamental element of government.

That said, I do not think that the existence of dissenting minorities is a strong reason to object to a positive vote for independence. If dissentient areas can veto the larger jurisdiction's preference, why should not dissentient areas exercise their own preferences more broadly? Perhaps we needed to give the sovereigntist options of Quebec the option of leaving after the 1995 referendum?