Monday, November 4, 2013

Release the Ford video?

Yesterday Rob Ford demanded the police release the video.

They can't. The video is evidence before the Courts and cannot be released (indeed, arguably the video should not even have been described but that's another issue).

Mayor Ford must know the video cannot be released by the police (it may come out as an exhibit in court later). His demand is mere show.

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John Struthers Toronto Defence Laywer said...

I disagree. Even on project traveller they have a table of guns and drugs and money and often do photos of suspects arranged in the gang order. They release shooting videos and robbery videos all the time with a see what we got press conference. Prejudice? Lisi isn't in the video. Privacy The Mayor wants it released. I've had the police release whole stories on victims to the Sun the night before jury selections in Murder cases. This is a choice not a legal requirement.