Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Page charges for appeal transcripts

R. v. J.W., 2013 ONCA 723:

[16]       In the circumstances, I am satisfied that the application should be granted and an order should be made in accordance with the CSD policy. Therefore, I find that for transcripts prepared for the Court of Appeal, the court reporter is entitled to and shall be paid a fee of $3.75 per original page. However, if the transcript has previously been transcribed and produced at the lower court level for any reason, the reporter is entitled to charge, for an appeal, $0.55 per page per copy for portions previously transcribed, and $3.75 per page for any portions not previously transcribed. If the transcript has already been typed but requires substantial changes, the reporter may charge the one-time fee of $3.75 per page for pages requiring substantial changes.

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